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Stuart Johnson

$25,100 of AUD $30,000 target.

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Stuart's English Channel Swim


The latest news is I did a double crossing of the English Channel in 25hrs 50mins. I kept the fact that I had changed my goal from everyone except my coaches and some friends from squad a secret, as it was such a stretch goal for me.


Apparently I am only the second person in the world to have ever done a 2-way as their first swim of the channel.


I'm keeping this page open a little longer as it would be great if we can continue to raise more for the Melanoma Institute, so far the response has been amazing.

Australia has by far the highest incidence rate for melanoma in the world and melanoma is sometimes referred to as ‘Australia’s national cancer’. Over 10,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. Around 12% of those diagnosed, or over 1,200 Australians, die of melanoma every year.


Melanoma affects more young people aged 15-44 than any other cancer in Australia. Melanoma is the most common of all cancers in men aged 15-54 and women aged 15-39. Melanoma is the third most common form of cancer in Australian men and women overall. Around 1 in 15 Australian men and 1 in 24 Australian women will be diagnosed with melanoma in their lifetime


You can be assured that all monies raised through the site (minus site fees) go to the Institute and not a cent goes to my costs.



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Melanoma Institute Australia

Melanoma Institute Australia is dedicated to preventing and curing melanoma through world-class research, treatment and education programs. 

Australia has one of the highest incidences of melanoma in the world, and melanoma is often referred to as ‘Australia’s national cancer’. Over 14,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. More than 1,800 Australians are expected to die from melanoma each year. Melanoma is the most common cancer in young Australians aged 15-39 and kills more young Australians than any other single cancer.  

The good news is that Australia is also leading the world in the fight against melanoma with recent research tripling the life expectancy for some advanced melanoma patients. 

However, many patients are not responding to new treatments and further research is needed. Your support will raise money for vital melanoma research and contribute to our education programs. 

To find out more please visit

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Stuart Johnson

for Melanoma Institute Australia

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